EACH ONE – FEED ONE – Kill Hunger

Hunger doesn’t have to exist — let’s end it together. The suffering of India’s underprivileged children is not very visible but we can tell you that the situation is dire. With the closure of govt. healthcare centres and midday meal systems – children are suffering from malnutrition, not getting immunizations against deadly diseases and do

New/Used Clothes Distribution.

Delhi, Donate Old Clothes The season is changing and your clothes from last year may not fit. If you notice clothes piling up in your family’s closets — and you’re looking for a way to help the less fortunate — donating clothes could be a super-easy start. Throughout the year, we collect all kinds of

Back To School.

Primary & Secondary Education Since it is through education and subsequent employment that the children from the slums can break the cycle of poverty, we provide children from the slums we work in and from Villages, access to Pre School and then Primary & Secondary Education in the schools.Their education is sponsored by Individuals who fund the school